Shaoru Ian Huang


BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2021 - Winter 2025 (expected)


According to and, my Github profile stands in the top 0.01% worldwide.

Delivered a speech on my experiences making MineJS to a 100+ audience; First under 20 yrs old speaker.

Designed and developed a Chrome extension, AnyTime, to seamlessly convert time zones and add to any calendar.

National Problem Solving Contest

2nd (2016), 3rd (2015) Places

Three-hour programming competition on C++; similar to ICPC of ACM for high-school students.

Work Experiences

Frontend Engineer Intern

Cisco Systems, Inc.

06.2023 - 08.2023 • 06.2022 - 08.2022

San Jose, CA • San Francisco, CA

  • Designed and engineered an advanced automated documentation system, significantly enhancing code readability and developer efficiency
  • Said innovative system led to an impressive reduction in usage queries by 80%, demonstrating its effectiveness and impact
  • Forged close collaborations with lead engineers, promoting a seamless UI/UX development process integrated with existing codebase

Contracted Software Developer

Hepta Platforms, Inc.

02.2023 - present

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Engineered an intuitive board view, enhancing visualization of user's cards and tasks
  • Designed a multi-view interface to diversify access to personal data, enhancing user experience
  • Revitalized the landing page on, driving more user engagement and increased site traffic

Software Engineer Contractor


08.2020 - 05.2022

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Innovated an intelligent LINE chatbot, optimizing dividend/fund inquiries and creative campaign interactions for over 1000 financial analysts
  • Engineered a high-availability scraping system using PuppeteerJS, extracting up-to-date funds data online with over 50 features
  • Applied test-driven development using Jest to unit test chatbot's response, ensuring stable deployment via CircleCI

Software Engineering Intern

Dashbase (Acquired by Cisco)

03.2020 - 06.2020

Palo Alto, CA

  • Constructed a scalable property log table, managing 1000+ rows of logs from various communication service providers
  • Deployed multiple released features, including persistent time zones across ReactJS pages and an adaptable date time picker
  • Teamed up with a diverse group of developers globally, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange

Frontend & Data Scientist Intern


06.2019 - 08.2019

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Developed TailorUI's documentation website with interactive code playgrounds for over 30 UI components using Docz and GatsbyJS; deployed via Netlify
  • Overhauled a media mining project, amassing 5 GB of Taiwanese news data per day through regular 2-hour crawls
  • Devised an NLP model to categorize over 100GB of news resources, providing an intelligent search engine connecting users with trending news topics



  • 2.7k+ stars and 150+ forks on Github before DMCA notice, top 1 Github trending of the week (all languages), cited by HackerNews and NodeJS Weekly
  • Minecraft-like multiplayer voxel engine, focused on aesthetics with WebGL and ThreeJS, bringing a beautiful 3D world to the player in the browser
  • Achieved smooth multiplayer with Actix Web (Rust) for backend and WebSockets for frontend, including real-time world editing and a live chat


  • Organized biweekly agile sprints and led weekly meetings to discuss progress and issues with the team and clients and to plan for the next sprint
  • Implemented a well-optimized, highly extensible full-stack library to create immersive multiplayer voxel experiences from scratch
  • Published and deployed a demo online and received positive feedback from the community with 1.5k+ visits the first 3 days


  • Developed an AI-powered weekly planner, transforming free-form text inputs onto a comprehensive productivity dashboard
  • Implemented NLP algorithms to parse and categorize user inputs, while understanding the context of each task to assign a priority level automatically
  • Ensured the scalability of the system to handle increasing data volume and user load, using efficient data structures and optimizing database queries



JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust, C++, Cuda, C#, Python, Java


ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS, Django, Tensorflow, ThreeJS

Data Stores

GraphQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Firebase

Cloud & DevOps

Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Vercel, DigitalOcean, AWS